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Here I am, trying to play the theremin at the Victoria Steam Expo...with mixed results. The theremin was made by Eric Reiswig, and you can see a nicer picture at dronestreet.com!

Phil, Painting

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Here's Phil painting the back room, which is going to become part of the studio. We let him pick the colors. Ouch.

My SKET Dance fan stuff

I made some stuff!
SKET DANCE is one of my favorite manga/anime titles right now, but it's not very popular in the US just yet. That makes it hard to get any good merchandise...so last week, I made myself some stuff to wear while helping my son's Japanese class make sushi. (I've got to let my nerd flag fly...) His reaction was totally worth the work, I didn't let him see any of it until I showed up in class. He was the only one who recognized it, but that's okay, he's the one I was trying to make laugh.

It felt really good to finish a little craft project for myself, I hardly ever get a chance to do that sort of thing any more.

Secret Shame...

Every time I hold up my sword to charge it in Skyward Sword, I am compelled to shout: "By the power of Greyskull!"

I can't help it. I have to.

All right, here are the bug pictures.


Here is Phil, with his new bug, and also here is a corner of our wall, featuring the "bug" that James made for us back when we were all much less busy people.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Phil got me tickets to the Seattle Symphony's production of:  THE LEGEND OF ZELDA™: SYMPHONY OF THE GODDESSES at Benaroya Hall. Yay!

I got him...a dead bug.

Erm, but it's a really nice dead bug...

The Cake of the Triforce

Our annual school cake walk transforms the cafeteria into a terrifying and sticky zone of destruction. It's enough to put me off cake for, oh, about a half an hour afterward, at least. The kids win these huge, goopy home-made cakes and proceed to dig into them with inadequate plastic forks or, more usually, their bare hands. It's really primal, they're like lions gathering around fallen wildebeests. I, being a grouchy adult, made two smaller, more manageable cakes instead of one giant one. Thus once again I defend my title: "Queen of No Fun." Fortunately for people who (shudder) like fun, Phil helped out and made labels for the cakes.

Next year, I'm thinking 3'x4', three layers on wedding cake pillars, covered in sparklers, lollipops and plastic dinosaurs. Donated anonymously, of course.

Bedtime Stories

I've been reading The Lord of the Rings to my kids before they go to bed. We're in the second book, and have finally "taken the hobbits to Isengard," which means that my reading has, for the last few nights, been constantly interrupted by this song. Also, my daughter has been cheering for Sauron. Thanks ever so much for that, Dave Kellett, I know it's completely your fault. Ha.

They're enjoying it hugely, and so am I. I first found the books in third grade, and re-read them to death all through my school years. I even liked the Silmarillion, although I don't remember much about it, now. (I liked the King James Bible and Shakespeare, too. I was like that. I never learned to speak Elvish, though.) It's funny, the kids are so steeped in nerd culture that they've already heard tons of jokes and references to the books, so they're delighted to listen to the real thing. It's obvious that the big buildup has increased their enjoyment of the story. (Again, thanks in no small part to Dave Kellett's Sheldon comic, which they read constantly.)

Having someone to read these books out loud to is so much fun. I love doing the voices. When I was reading the bits with the orcs dragging Merry and Pippin around, the kids just about died laughing, I kept reading them with a Jäger accent. I couldn't help it. It was so perfect...I guess the Jägers really are cute rainbow-colored orcs. Oh, dear.

Fanfic and Dead Gnomes

On Monday, for good or ill, we signed off on the second Girl Genius novel. Yesterday, I fell down the rabbit hole that is fanfiction.net, and have only just emerged, grinning like a mad thing. No, I'm not reading Girl Genius fanfic, more's the pity...I'm not allowed to because of legal concerns. When we're done with the GG story, I intend to have myself a good, long read. (That is, assuming the internet is still around at that point.} I was actually off reading what Phil likes to call "corrective fanfic" for various manga/anime series I like. After a day of this delightful but overly-rich indulgence, I feel a bit like I've eaten an entire box of bonbons all at one sitting.

I'm not proud, but I am happy.

Here is a picture I took in our garden, on a snowy night a  couple of weeks ago:
deadgnome Yeek! Zombie gnome!

Okay, actually, I hid our old garden gnome and replaced it with this skeletal gnome. It took two days for Phil and the kids to notice, but when they did, it was SO worth it: "What happened to our gnome?!"
"Huh. I guess he died."
"What? No, really, what happened?"
"Well, did YOU remember to feed him?"

My children are really fun to mess with.