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Match it for Pratchett Auction

On June 3, I will post for auction the originals to the Good Omens pages that Phil drew (purely fan art, no approval was given by anyone official ever) a long time ago.

Many of you have seen these, and for those who haven't, I have re-posted them in our short story section. The idea had been to present a proposal for a comic series based on Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett's wonderful novel, but we never got around to doing more than making the pages. We never even pitched the series. Instead, we started messing with trading card games, and wasn't that a bad idea? Oh, my, yes it was. Anyway, the original art has been banging around the flat files all these years, and now that everybody is trying to raise money for Alzheimer's research in honor of Terry Pratchett, it occurs to me that I can get them out of the studio and help raise money for something I care about at the same time. Hooray!

So, as I said, I'll be listing the pages in an Bay auction which will begin on June 3. I hope that we can get a decent amount for them, because all of the money will be given to Alzheimer's Research Trust, as suggested by the Match It For Pratchett campaign.


In other news:

I've listed a few more things on eBay, including the page where Agatha gets a nice calming pie in her face.

We're out of the trilobite pins, but expect to have them back in stock around June 6.

I find I have a desperate need for a copy of The Encyclopedia of Fantastic Victoriana by Jess Nevins. Odd, that, since until yesterday, when I spotted it in the background of a photo in a friend's LJ, I didn't know it existed. It's out-of-print and expensive when attainable, which it currently isn't. I'm reasonably okay with the expensive part, (reasonably) but I've done the usual used book searches, and apparently it is so wonderful that nobody is letting go of it. Curses! If anyone knows where I could buy a copy, please point me in the proper direction. Please!


May. 21st, 2008 10:38 pm (UTC)
Try the search engines that the good people at Hay-on-Wye provide?